• About Me

    Hailing from the vibrant metropolis of Mumbai, India on the day of October 31, 1974, Prasad Karmarkar emerged as a reputed Reiki Supreme Master, Guide for Transformation Workshops, and Counselor in Relationships. Although his initial career trajectory was directed towards interior design, fate redirected his journey towards the sphere of spiritual enlightenment and recovery. Being an impassioned follower of individual evolution and metamorphosis, Prasad has impacted numerous lives across the world through his all-encompassing strategy towards self-enhancement and comprehensive well-being.


    Present Engagements


    As a revered Reiki Instructor and Guide for Transformation Workshops, Prasad's primary objective lies in directing individuals on their path to self-illumination. His spectrum of work covers diverse fields including spiritual mentorship, meditation, leadership evolution, and advisement on relationships and overall existence. He has a firm faith in the restorative capabilities of Reiki, an energy healing technique involving physical touch, and applies it to steer individuals towards the attainment of serenity, equilibrium, and satisfaction.


    Professional Progression


    In his formative years, Prasad had a momentous rendezvous with Reiki in 1993, at the tender age of 19. This radical encounter ignited his enduring dedication to recovery and metamorphosis. To explore this passion further, Prasad embarked on a journey to Germany in 1996 to participate in a leadership training workshop helmed by his mentor, Karl Everding. By 1998, Prasad earned his certification as a Reiki Instructor and Guide for Transformation Workshops.


    Throughout his career, Prasad Karmarkar has conducted more than 950 workshops and imparted knowledge to over 10,000 pupils. His impactful work has transcended geographical borders, having hosted workshops in a range of locations, including India, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Hungary, Italy, UK, USA, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, UAE, and more. In addition to his workshops, Prasad orchestrates comprehensive leadership training programs that extend over a span of ten months and comprise several progressive stages.


    Educational History

    Prasad's academic history in Interior Design, acquired from a top-tier institution, may seem disjointed from his spiritual journey. However, he asserts that akin to designing spaces, the trail towards personal recovery and transformation also calls for meticulous planning, unraveling complexities, and creating an environment conducive to growth and positive transformation.


    Philanthropic Contributions

    Prasad's dedication to societal service is not limited to his professional commitments. He actively engages in various charitable acts, consistently making contributions and offering volunteer services. He holds a firm belief that personal evolution and transformation surpass individual boundaries and should encompass the well-being of the community at large.


    Private Existence and Pastimes


    In his private sphere, Prasad derives tranquility and happiness from pursuits that mirror his inner essence. He is a zealous film enthusiast, an eager cyclist, an animal admirer, a culinary explorer, and an ardent traveler. Each of these pastimes presents him with a unique way to interact with his environment and cultivate a profound connection with his inner self and the world.


    For Prasad, films provide a kaleidoscope of perspectives and stories, enhancing his understanding of human sentiments and encounters. Cycling is more than a fitness routine; it's a meditative practice that enables him to commune with nature and his inner essence. His love for animals reflects his belief in unadulterated love and companionship. Cooking offers him the joy of crafting nourishing experiences, while traveling opens up his understanding of diverse cultures, individuals, and various aspects of life.


    Prasad Karmarkar's transition from an interior designer to an internationally recognized spiritual guide and leader of transformation workshops exemplifies his unflinching enthusiasm for guiding individuals on their voyage of self-realization. His noteworthy contributions to healing, meditation, and transformation continue to inspire thousands across the globe. As Prasad carries forward his mission to disseminate serenity, equilibrium, and fulfillment, his influence in the realm of personal growth and transformation is set to maintain its global resonance.